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Ponte Vecchio by day

Our Honeymoon in Florence

Ivan & I booked 2 nights in the “Hotel Degli Orafi” in Firenze, not knowing (not until later on anyway) that it was the hotel where ” A room with…

Bridge in Winchester

We’re back in Winchester – 10 years on

Winchester 10 years later….oh boy! , my memory was shot, big-time. Nothing is like I remembered, or maybe I am seeing the City in a totally different light…? It’s a…

My blueberry muffins

My recipe for Blueberry Muffins

We work full-time and we have been out and about at weekends for a while now, so this weekend we have been seduced into not doing anything for a change….

The Amphitheatre - Caerleon

Among the Roman ruins of Caerleon

Following our fabulous morning in Caerleon, we met up with Glyn and Claire and we started walking back along the main road looking for a place to eat, until we…

Streets of Caerleon

A morning in Caerleon

I have never been to Wales before and I didn’t know what to expect – except for a lot of “green”. While I was researching King Arthur’s story a while…

The great bath

Bath’s Roman Baths

Welcome to Aquae Sulis! The Roman Baths were built approximately between 50-70 AD on the only hot spring in England on a Celtic site. This was already dedicated to Sulis, identified…

Carriage in Bath

A day in timeless Bath

Saturday morning and we planned to go to Hampton Court but I changed my mind last minute…and we found ourselves on the M4 on the way to Bath. That didn’t…

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