December 2011

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NYE 2010
  Another year over. People are saying goodbye to 2011, hopeful that 2012 will be bolder and better and full of surprises. We always want more and whatever the old year gave us, the expectations we had at the beginning were so great that most of the time we end up being so disappointed. “Next …
My mini-Perseus
Walking around Florence, you’re bound to meet Perseus & Medusa – not alive and well of course; I am obviously talking about the statue in the Loggia dei Lanzi .                                                   …
Palazzo Vecchio
Winter is here so I thought I’d cheer up with some summer pictures of Florence. Of all the times I have been to Florence I never managed to visit the Palazzo Vecchio (or  “Della Signoria”) up until last year, when we were surprised by a thunderstorm and we were looking for shelter. The Palazzo Vecchio, which is …
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