Exciting times ahead as in two weeks we will be back on the road on a trip across most of Western Europe.

I used to embark in such legendary road trips through Italy France and England in a Ford Fiesta 1.3 back in the days but It’s been years since I personally travelled such a long distance by car. I am so thrilled to pick it up where I left off and go on this adventure, this time with husband and child.

We’ll be leaving London with our semper fi 7 seater minivan and we will cross the British Channel with DFDS. This road trip will take us from Dunkirk in France across Belgium, Luxembourg, France and Switzerland, final destination: Italy. Once in Italy we will be visiting Lombardia (where we will pick up a few friends), Emilia-Romagna and Veneto.


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As usual we will be combining travel Art and hopefully some delicious food.

Delicious Italian Food

Another pit stop at the "Birreria Il Porco"? Yes please!!



You can follow our adventure on our Facebook page; you can also keep tab on us – we will be tweeting regularly with the hashtag #travellingdaysroadtrip on our Twitter page.
Wish us luck :)