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The Gourmet Burger - Harvester

A Quality Burger, where we least expect it

We haven’t’ been in Harvester’s for a while, for a few reasons including bad local management, cold food and caloric intake (I am sure many of you can relate). But…

Food at the Roadhouse Grill

The Roadhouse – another Burger-o-meter ™ adventure

While we were in Italy we stumbled across many times a grill place called “The Roadhouse steakhouse”; it looked very intriguing from the outside so we finally found the time…

Delicious Italian Food

Our next adventure – a road trip across Europe

Exciting times ahead as in two weeks we will be back on the road on a trip across most of Western Europe. I used to embark in such legendary road…

We love it!!

An amazing evening at the Birrificio di Como

It was the last evening I was going to spend with my friends before going back home to the UK and I really wanted to go to Como to eat…

Milano - Piazza Duomo

Eating in Milan: the King Arthur

I have read some mixed comments, especially from bloggers, about Milan; surely it does not have the same charm of Florence and it’s not as mysterious as Venice, but it’s…

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