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By the way, this is me .

Born and bred in Italy until I was 27,  I am now living in the UK; very fond of travel, Art History, History and very old buildings not necessarily in this order. I also like to spend some “me” time in the kitchen, trying to combine Italian , English and American food.

I speak 5 languages, some better than others; English and Italian from a very early age as I when I was growing up I wanted to “see the world” . I also wanted to be an archeologist but that one didn’t work out alright…

Another passion of mine is writing; In the era when computers were not as sophisticated as they are now, I used to write a “paper” blog about my adventures; I then switched to drama, writing theatre pieces for a couple of years but eventually I lost interest. So this is my third attempt at writing and I am still trying to work out whether I am doing a good job…So if you like my blog do let me know!

I am currently working full time (boooo)  and mainly visiting England and Italy, and going on one or two big travels a year with my husband – turned amateur photographer for the occasion, my 4-year-old daughter, and some of my friends & family who love to follow me in this crazy adventure. Look out for them in some of the pictures and stories.

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