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Duomo, Florence

Climbing Giotto’s Campanile in Florence

“Left or right?”..”hmmm let’s go right!” Ivan & I left our hotel after a fabulous, calorie-packed brunch and we started walking down the Lungarno in a 30ºC heat until we turned to reach…

My mini-Perseus

Perseus: Mythology vs Hollywood

Walking around Florence, you’re bound to meet Perseus & Medusa – not alive and well of course; I am obviously talking about the statue in the Loggia dei Lanzi ….

Palazzo Vecchio

The Palazzo Vecchio…in pictures

Winter is here so I thought I’d cheer up with some summer pictures of Florence. Of all the times I have been to Florence I never managed to visit the Palazzo…

Ponte Vecchio by day

Our Honeymoon in Florence

Ivan & I booked 2 nights in the “Hotel Degli Orafi” in Firenze, not knowing (not until later on anyway) that it was the hotel where ” A room with…

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